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Nice warm colors bridesmaid dresses for spring wedding

warm colorsExamples of warm colors are red, yellow and orange, and these colors are referred to as such because they resemble fire and evoke feelings of warmth. Spring also is a romantic and warm season. You should choose some nice warm colors bridesmaid dresses and add colorful fresh to your spring wedding.

Warm colors: red colors

bright red bridesmaid dressesIn spring or summer wedding, bright red colors are better than dark red colors, dark red colors fit spring or wedding more. RedBD designs different styles of bright red bridesmaid dresses to fit different body shapes of girls.

Warm colors: orange colors

orange colors bridesmaid dressesRBD197

Orange colors are beautiful and picky, they can make the girls who have pale skin colors look more pale and make girls who have dark shin colors look more dark. If you choose orange colors bridesmaid dresses, you can choose the same color shades eye shadow, blush and lipstick to keep harmony.

RBD210, RBD131, the two hot and fashion bridesmaid dresses of 2017 in RedBD

RBD210Chiffon Strapless Pleated Bodice Long Bridesmaid DressA nice pale pink sweetheart strapless long bridesmaid dress. It fits young girls who have round face, short neck or narrow shoulders more. Why do it sell well? Because the style suit any wedding theme.

RBD131RBD131The main feature of the bridesmaid dress the one shoulder neckline and 3D flowers. The design can make you look more charming and elegant. The empire waistline can suit any body shape. The most important is the dress is just need cost £89.00. All the bridesmaid dresses are under £100.

Bridesmaid dresses for Christmas winter wedding

christmas-theme-weddingChristmas is a time of excitement and wonder, so what better time to tie the knot? Christmas winter theme weddings are the perfect chance to show off your personality and the best way to celebrate this magical day. RedBD designs some nice and high quality bridesmaid dresses for Christmas winter wedding and these bridesmaid dresses are under £100.

Satin Strapless Short Bridesmaid Dress with Bow on Waist


RBD142 is design for young and cute bridesmaids in Christmas winter theme wedding. Classic A line cut design and the big nice bow add elegant and charm for them.

Nice red bridesmaid dresses for Christmas winter wedding

red-bridesmaid-dresses-for-christmas-wedding RBD222                RBD221                  RBD226             RBD218

Red is the brightest color of Christmas such as Santa Claus, so we also designs some red long bridesmaid dresses. You can wear these dresses to Christmas wedding, Christmas evening.

Nice bridesmaid dresses for central park wedding in winter

bridesmaidsWhere to hold your wedding ceremony if you are a fashion bride-to-be? Central park, it is a romantic and picturesque location to have your wedding. In winter, we will be a bridesmaid-to-be in central park, which dress we should wear? RedBD picks some nice and affordable bridesmaid dresses for central park wedding in winter and hope you will like.

Gorgeous Sweetheart Strapless Long Bridesmaid Dressrbd228The red long bridesmaid dress is very gorgeous and it is suitable for formal occasions such as formal wedding ceremony or formal evening. If you have a little fat, the dress will fit more and you can match it a pair of high heels, you will look pretty and elegant.

Pink long bridesmaid dressespink-long-bridesmaid-dressesPink is warm color and bring new fresh for people in winter. The bridesmaids of central park wedding can choose some pink bridesmaid dresses and match a white shawl.

Some nice satin long bridesmaid dresses for winter wedding

satin-long-bridesmaid-dressesSatin fabric is sturdy, durable, and color-retentive. The soft and attractive fabric is ideal to make apparel for special occasions like blouses, bridesmaid dresses and evening gowns. In winter wedding ceremony, brides and maids like to choose some satin long bridesmaid dresses because of its shiny surface and elegant style. RedBD picks some nice and high quality bridesmaid dresses and hope you like.

Pink satin long bridesmaid dresspink-satin-long-bridesmaid-dress                                                                           RBD150
The pink satin long bridesmaid dress is suitable for the girls who are young and have pale skin. Bright warm pink can create a fresh look for your winter wedding ceremony. You also can wear a nice sweater over the dress that can bring warm for you in cold winter.

Plum satin long bridesmaid dressplum-satin-long-bridesmaid-dressPlum is one of the most popular colors in 2016 winter. It suits any color shade skin. This square neckline of the dress is suitable for round face and it can balance out the roundness.

To hold a vintage wedding in winter

vintage-wedding-in-winterOld things are always fresh and memorable in modern life. In your big day, you can take some vintage things into your wedding theme and create an amazing wedding in winter. Vintage wedding will never go out of fashion. You can use cold color shades as your wedding color. The most important thing for girls in wedding is the bridesmaid dress. RedBD picks some nice and cheap bridesmaid dresses for girls and these bridesmaid dresses are under £100.

Tulle Sweetheart Strapless Long Bridesmaid Dress

tulle-sweetheart-strapless-long-bridesmaid-dressVintage purple, vintage bodice, vintage A line cut, all of the dress are vintage. The tulle sweetheart strapless long dress is the best choice for girls to vintage wedding in winter. The dress is suitable for young girls.

Tulle Sweetheart Strapless Long Bridesmaid Dress


The tulle sweetheart strapless dress is most common in vintage wedding of winter. In winter, we always feel cold, the bridesmaid dresses can match any shawl and bring warm for us. The length of the dress is long length, you can wear any shoes which you feel comfortable.

Some nice bridesmaid dresses for winter


winter weddingSome brides will hold their wedding ceremony in winter and enjoy the romantic of winter. But you should consider how make your bridesmaids look pretty and feel warm. RedBD picks some nice and high quality dresses for bridesmaids in winter.

Bridesmaid dresses with long sleevebridesmaid dresses with sleevesThe dresses to cover our more skin area, we feel more warm, so choosing bridesmaid dresses with long sleeve is a good idea for bridesmaids in winter. You also should choose soft fabric of dresses such as cotton or tulle, They have better thermal performance.

Chiffon long plum bridesmaid dresses

plum long bridesmaid dresses for winter

RBD002                                  RBD021                              RBD008

Plum suits any theme and any season if wedding ceremony. Long length bridesmaid dresses can give warmth for maids and the girls can hind some trousers under long skirt. In winter, we also can wear a nice shawl over our dress. If you like the dresses of third picture, you can visit our online shop, these bridesmaid dresses are under £100.

Short bridesmaid dresses with long boots

short bridesmaid dresses with bootsIf your bridesmaids are petite girls and they don’t suit long bridesmaid dresses, you can choose short bridesmaid dresses with long boots. To ensure their feet are warm, their also feel warm.

Bridesmaid dresses for winter wedding

winter-wedding‘ The number of couples getting married in winter has risen by up to 15 per cent in some areas, with winter weddings now accounting for more than 30 per cent of all marriages in Britain. ‘ In addition to economic reasons, more couples feel that there is nothing more romantic than a winter wedding. Nature create a beautiful background of wedding ceremony for us, the winter snow and ice covers the ground, your world is full of romantic white.

Tips for bridesmaid dresses in winter wedding

bridesmaid-dresses-for-winter-wedingFirst, choosing a long and warm bridesmaid dress instead of short and sexy dress. It’s so cold in winter and keep warmth for your girls is very important. Your bridesmaids can hide their trousers or other somethings which can make them feel warm in the long and pleat skirts. Second, don’t forget to choose the same shawl for your bridesmaids. If you choose the same dresses for your girls, you also should choose the same shawl for them that can make your maids team to be a nice look. RBD195, RBD200, the two dresses are suitable for bridesmaids in winter wedding. They are elegant and affordable bridesmaid dresses and you can find them in RedBD.

Do your face and body shape suit boat neckline?


Boat neckline is one of most common and popular neckline of dresses, also known as princess or bateau neckline. Choosing a right neckline of a bridesmaid dress to your close friend’s wedding ceremony is very important. Do you know which face and body shape of girls suit boat neckline?

Face shape and body shape


Boat neck is great for offsetting wide hips since it softly follows curve of the collarbone and tends to make shoulders visually wider. It also can enhances chest area. So if you have small chest, narrow shoulders, banana body shape, long face and neck or beautiful collarbone, the boat neckline bridesmaid dress is your best choice. RBD020 is a nice boat neckline dresses, you can wear it to any theme wedding and any formal party with a longer pendant necklace. How to get the dress? You can click RedBD, you will find more high quality and affordable bridesmaid dresses with boat neckline.

Do you know which kind of face shape and body shape suit halter neckline


Every girl has their own characteristic facial features and body shapes, and when it comes to choosing an bridesmaid dress, if you want to make the best of your bridesmaids, you may want to give some consideration to the neckline you choose. For example, do you know which kind of face shape and body shape suit halter neckline?

Face shape and body shape



The kind of halter neckline is almost flattering any body shape specially for those who have hourglass type. But best recommended for these girls who have well-toned arms, good shoulders or average to small busted. Halter neckline can create the impression of greater volume, making you look wider than you actually are.

More bridesmaid dresses for fall wedding


RedBD picks some high quality and affordable bridesmaid dresses for those who suit halter neckline. You can choose one of them to attend fall wedding as a bridesmaids or to party as a guest.