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The two chiffon bridesmaid dresses, you’d choose them for winter wedding

bridesmaidsRedBD recommends two elegant and affordable bridesmaid dresses if you are picking the dresses for winter wedding. Chiffon fabric is suitable for any season or theme of wedding ceremony, the styles of the two dresses will fit any bridesmaids’ body shape.

Chiffon V-neck Long Bridesmaid Dresschiffon-v-neck-gathered-bodice-pleated-skirt-long-bridesmaid-dress


Whether you are slim or fat, whether you have apple shape or pear shape, the chiffon burgundy bridesmaid dress always suit you. Tall girl can match flat shoes and petite girl can match high heels, the dress can make these girls look pretty and elegant.

Chiffon plum Long Bridesmaid Dresschiffon-strapless-sweetheart-ruched-bodice-pleated-skirt-long-bridesmaid-dress


This is a basic style chiffon bridesmaid dress and most bride like choosing it in winter. Any skin color shade can match the plum color. In winter, you also can wear some coats over the dress and keep warm for you.

Nice bridesmaid dresses for central park wedding in winter

bridesmaidsWhere to hold your wedding ceremony if you are a fashion bride-to-be? Central park, it is a romantic and picturesque location to have your wedding. In winter, we will be a bridesmaid-to-be in central park, which dress we should wear? RedBD picks some nice and affordable bridesmaid dresses for central park wedding in winter and hope you will like.

Gorgeous Sweetheart Strapless Long Bridesmaid Dressrbd228The red long bridesmaid dress is very gorgeous and it is suitable for formal occasions such as formal wedding ceremony or formal evening. If you have a little fat, the dress will fit more and you can match it a pair of high heels, you will look pretty and elegant.

Pink long bridesmaid dressespink-long-bridesmaid-dressesPink is warm color and bring new fresh for people in winter. The bridesmaids of central park wedding can choose some pink bridesmaid dresses and match a white shawl.

Some nice satin long bridesmaid dresses for winter wedding

satin-long-bridesmaid-dressesSatin fabric is sturdy, durable, and color-retentive. The soft and attractive fabric is ideal to make apparel for special occasions like blouses, bridesmaid dresses and evening gowns. In winter wedding ceremony, brides and maids like to choose some satin long bridesmaid dresses because of its shiny surface and elegant style. RedBD picks some nice and high quality bridesmaid dresses and hope you like.

Pink satin long bridesmaid dresspink-satin-long-bridesmaid-dress                                                                           RBD150
The pink satin long bridesmaid dress is suitable for the girls who are young and have pale skin. Bright warm pink can create a fresh look for your winter wedding ceremony. You also can wear a nice sweater over the dress that can bring warm for you in cold winter.

Plum satin long bridesmaid dressplum-satin-long-bridesmaid-dressPlum is one of the most popular colors in 2016 winter. It suits any color shade skin. This square neckline of the dress is suitable for round face and it can balance out the roundness.

Some nice bridesmaid dresses for winter


winter weddingSome brides will hold their wedding ceremony in winter and enjoy the romantic of winter. But you should consider how make your bridesmaids look pretty and feel warm. RedBD picks some nice and high quality dresses for bridesmaids in winter.

Bridesmaid dresses with long sleevebridesmaid dresses with sleevesThe dresses to cover our more skin area, we feel more warm, so choosing bridesmaid dresses with long sleeve is a good idea for bridesmaids in winter. You also should choose soft fabric of dresses such as cotton or tulle, They have better thermal performance.

Chiffon long plum bridesmaid dresses

plum long bridesmaid dresses for winter

RBD002                                  RBD021                              RBD008

Plum suits any theme and any season if wedding ceremony. Long length bridesmaid dresses can give warmth for maids and the girls can hind some trousers under long skirt. In winter, we also can wear a nice shawl over our dress. If you like the dresses of third picture, you can visit our online shop, these bridesmaid dresses are under £100.

Short bridesmaid dresses with long boots

short bridesmaid dresses with bootsIf your bridesmaids are petite girls and they don’t suit long bridesmaid dresses, you can choose short bridesmaid dresses with long boots. To ensure their feet are warm, their also feel warm.

Bridesmaid dresses for winter wedding

winter-wedding‘ The number of couples getting married in winter has risen by up to 15 per cent in some areas, with winter weddings now accounting for more than 30 per cent of all marriages in Britain. ‘ In addition to economic reasons, more couples feel that there is nothing more romantic than a winter wedding. Nature create a beautiful background of wedding ceremony for us, the winter snow and ice covers the ground, your world is full of romantic white.

Tips for bridesmaid dresses in winter wedding

bridesmaid-dresses-for-winter-wedingFirst, choosing a long and warm bridesmaid dress instead of short and sexy dress. It’s so cold in winter and keep warmth for your girls is very important. Your bridesmaids can hide their trousers or other somethings which can make them feel warm in the long and pleat skirts. Second, don’t forget to choose the same shawl for your bridesmaids. If you choose the same dresses for your girls, you also should choose the same shawl for them that can make your maids team to be a nice look. RBD195, RBD200, the two dresses are suitable for bridesmaids in winter wedding. They are elegant and affordable bridesmaid dresses and you can find them in RedBD.

Plum long bridesmaid dresses with beading waist for fall wedding


It’s the happiest in the world that your close friends as bridesmaids stand beside you and give you the best wishes in fall wedding. In return, you should choose a stunning and affordable bridesmaid dresses for your girls. You can choose some plum long bridesmaid dresses with beading waist that can make your girls look shine and pretty in wedding.

Chiffon Sweetheart Beading Long Bridesmaid Dress



Beading waist and zipper back, the design of the dress is understated elegance and stunning. The dress is suitable for fall wedding to perfection since its plum color and long length. It make you feel warm and look pretty.

Chiffon Sweetheart Beading Floor Length Bridesmaid Dress



The style of RBD092 is similar to RBD100, the color,same length, same strapless. The difference of the two dress is the location of the beading. The beading of RBD092 is in the middle waist of the dress. If you have a small bust, you can choose RBD092.

Mismatched plum satin bridesmaid dresses for fall wedding


There are more and more brides choose fall to hold their wedding party. Mismatched plum satin bridesmaid dresses become the brides first choice. RedBD picks some stunning and affordable bridesmaid dresses in plum color and satin fabric for the brides who want to mismatched plum satin bridesmaid dresses in fall wedding.

Mismatched plum satin bridesmaid dresses in long length


For stay away the cool of fall, long bridesmaid dresses are brides favorite. RedBD designs RBD206 and RBD014 for bridesmaids of 2016 fall wedding. The two dress give a feeling of softness and lightness if you are in them.

Mismatched plum satin bridesmaid dresses in long length


The little girls are not suitable for long bridesmaid dress, so RBD designs some short bridesmaid dresses. You can mismatched these plum satin bridesmaid dresses for your girls and your girls also can choose the dress which is she favorite. Lovely girls suit RBD019, RBD145 fits the girl who have round face, RBD138 is mature women’ best choice.

Nice v-neck dresses for elegant bridesmaids

nt-bMany brides hope their bridesmaids are also pretty in their wedding. So they will choose some low-key and amazing bridesmaid dresses for their girls. The style of v-neck bridesmaid dress is the one of their choice.

V-neck Floor Length Bridesmaid Dress

V-neck Floor Length Bridesmaid Dress


Hot color: red, elegant length: floor length, simple design: v-neck neckline and a line princess cut, classic and fashion. The v-neck long bridesmaid dress is suitable for every formal wedding theme such as garden wedding, hotel wedding and so on.

Chiffon V-neck Pleated Bodice Short Simple Bridesmaid Dress

Chiffon V-neck Pleated Bodice Short Simple Bridesmaid Dress


The v-neck coral bridesmaid dress is suitable for summer wedding very much. If your body shape is small bust and you worry that you are not beautiful with v-neck, the dress can solve your worry cause the design of shallow v-neck pleat bodice can enhance your small bust line.

Burgundy dresses for party

burgundyIf you are a mature woman or you want to be more mature you should try to wear burgundy dresses to a party. The color of burgundy can endow women with particular charm.

Chiffon Sweetheart Straps Gather Bodice dressesChiffon Sweetheart Straps Gather Bodice dresses                                RBD121                                                         RBD122

Chiffon burgundy dresses suit almost every skin tone and hair color. RedBD provides short and long length for women who love the designs of the dresses. You can choose the most suitable dresses for you by your preference.

Chiffon V-neck Gathered Bodice Pleated Skirt Long Bridesmaid Dress

Chiffon V-neck Gathered Bodice Pleated Skirt Long Bridesmaid Dress


The burgundy dress reflects the women’ signature style of understated elegance with a strong feeling of individuality. The designs of v-neck and pleated skirt make women looks sexy and elegance. You can wear the burgundy dress with high heels and a sequin handbag that can add your special temperament.

Tulle bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid dresses in tulle fabric always bring a fatal romantic attractions to young girls. A suitable tulle bridesmaid dress can make the girls looks dignified and elegant in the wedding party. Here are some amazing tulle bridesmaid dresses in RedBD for your choice.

Tulle Sweetheart Strapless Gathered Bodice with Satin Sash Floor Length Bridesmaid Dress

Tulle Sweetheart Strapless Gathered Bodice with Satin Sash Floor Length Bridesmaid Dress


Simple and sexy design sweetheart strapless, stunning gathered bodice with stain sash, the most attractive is the bridesmaid dress in tulle fabric and soft pink color. It is pity that you just wear the dress as a bridesmaid dress. It is also suitable for any formal occasions cause theses amazing designs of the dress are based on the styles of the evening dress.

Tulle Sweetheart Strapless Ruched Bodice Tee-length Bridesmaid Dress

Tulle Sweetheart Strapless Ruched Bodice Knee-length Bridesmaid Dress


The tulle bridesmaid dress fits any body shape. When you wear the bridesmaid dress to the wedding party, you can put you hair up simply and put on a silver sequin or light color high heels. As for make-up, you just need simple natural makeup and forget the heavy coats of eye shadow and foundation. Follow this, you will be a qualified and beautiful bridesmaid.