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Mismatched satin bridesmaid dresses in different colors

mismatched-satin-bridesmaid-dresses100 brides have 100 ways of mismatched bridesmaid dresses. It’s interesting that these brides mismatched bridesmaid dresses for their girls according to their preference. Today, we introduce these brides how to mismatched satin bridesmaid dresses in different colors.

Mismatched satin bridesmaid dresses in different shades of purple colors

satin-bridesmaid-dresses-in-different-colors RBD040                                RBD083                           RBD138

The bride is very clever, she mismatched satin bridesmaid dresses in different shades of purple colors and the styles of dresses are similar. The bridesmaids can choose their own styles and colors and make a tidy, nice look in your wedding. The most important is these bridesmaid dresses are under £100 in RedBD, they are high quality and cheap for brides.

Mismatched satin bridesmaid dresses in different of colors


You also can mismatched satin bridesmaid dresses in different shades of colors like the third pictures. In this way, you should pick the same styles of dresses for your girls that can make the guest find out who are belong to your bridesmaids’ team quickly.

How To Dress As A Bridesmaid

On your best friend’s wedding day, you want your makeup, hair, jewelry, shoes, and flower bouquets to be perfectly designed for her occasion when you wear your pink bridesmaid dress.

1) Bridesmaid Wedding Flowers and Buds

bridesmaid wedding flowers

Bridesmaid bouquets give you something to do with your hands if you are feeling nervous.

Do not book your florist last. Your flowers will be less expensive if you give your florist time. For lining everything up, plan on six weeks before the wedding week. A popular design is to coordinate your look with the bride having a bouquet made on a smaller scale to be similar with the bride’s flowers.

2) Makeup Powder and Paint


Don’t forget waterproof makeup for the wedding day when you’re hugging, kissing, dancing like a crazy bridesmaid, and crying. You will want your foundation, primer, setting powder, blush, eyebrows, mascara, lipstick—all of it to be smudge proof and stay put. You don’t want your bridesmaid face looking like a Halloween face, do you?

For bridesmaids, line your lids subtly. Less is more—and more innocent looking. Blush your cheeks softly and opt for a berry look for your lips with brown shadow that shimmers or a champagne eye color for an ethereal finish.

To be more dramatic, line your eyes top and bottom and ad a smidge of black shadow. Add a nude gloss lipstick. Now is not the time to try new makeup ideas.

3) Wedding Hair Day Dos and Don’ts

bridesmaid hair

You found your perfect bridesmaid dress at RedBD.co.uk. You want your hair to be elegant yet you want your dress to be everyone’s focus. Do you want to look formal or casual? Your hairstyle needs to go together with the neckline of your dress. You wouldn’t wear a ponytail would you? For your classic RedBD chiffon strapless sweetheart gown, a one-shoulder, or strapless neckline, here are some timeless ideas for a regal look:

  • Side sweep up do with a one-shoulder gown—this gown draws the eye to your shoulders and neck so you want everyone to see that profile, so a long flowing hairstyle will hide this striking look. For a free spirt ‘do, consider a pulled-to-one-side fishtail braid for an asymmetrical gown and hairdo effect.
  • A twisted bun, ballerina bun, braided bun, or French roll with a strapless gown—shows off your shoulders for sophisticated refinement and elegance with this neckline showing lots of skin.
  • Wavy or loose curls with a V-neck gown—make you look long and thin to the guests’ eyes. Think about a side part or a relaxed pulling of your hair to the side with a barrette.

4) Bridesmaid Jewelrybridesmaid jewelryDon’t outshine the bride, but make sure you sparkle. Stay away from faux pearls and the usual chain. Be creative with color themes using stones harmonizing your dress color to match. A purple-pink gown will pop with a necklace and cuff bracelet in gray or purplish-pink. For an exotic look, think about a customized gold initial nameplate. Find earrings to match the style.

5) Shoes for the Bridesmaid

bridesmaids shoes

Opt for a vintage romantic look to go with your bridesmaids dresses under £100. There is a plethora of styles to choose from—rhinestone, crystal, beaded, lace, peep toes, white, colors to match your dress color in high, low, and medium heels, with sexy thin straps too. Don’t forget a purse or handbag to match or coordinate with your dress. Define who you are with a fantastic look with your shoes!

Be sure to get a photo album for all your treasured memories of your friend’s wedding day.